Childcare Nursery Apprentice

Childcare & Development

Job description

Fantastic opportunity in this warm & friendly pre-school in Romford, Essex

Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • To contribute a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for the children placed within the nursery 
  • To work alongside the room leader in implementing the daily routine in the room you are based in.
  • You are required to share with the weekly planning in your room.
  • You will be given key children for whom you will be responsible to keep up to date records of.
  • The records of the child will consist of observation, some of the children's work and also completed report on the child every 3 months.
  • Please note that this is a pack away nursery and you will be expected to help in the set up and putting away each day.

If you're interested in this role please contact our friendly Learner Recruitment Team on

020 8221 0500 or via email at